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Breeding soundness tests target inherited eye diseases like PRA. Specially trained vets examine eyes for breed associations to ensure long-term health

In tests for breeding soundness, attention is paid to inherited eye diseases, e.g., PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), in order to eliminate these from the breed in the long term. This examination, performed for the breed association, may be attested only by a specially trained and certified vet.

Examination of the cornea and tear production

A frequent reason for visiting the vet is because the dog keeps one eye closed or the eye is sticky. The eye is examined thoroughly using a slit lamp, indirect ophthalmoscopy and tonometry.

Examination with the slit lamp and ophthalmoscope

The slit lamp is used to examine the anterior segments of the eye under strong magnification. By this means, the eye specialist can identify the tiniest structures and changes. The back of the eye and the retina are then examined by indirect ophthalmoscopy.


The pressure inside the dog’s eye is measured with an electronic tonometer as part of the eye examination. Pressure that is too high or too low is an important symptom in the diagnosis of eye diseases. For instance, it allows inflammation to be distinguished from glaucoma.

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