Diagnostic Imaging offers a wide spectrum of non-invasive tests to diagnose causes of various disease processes in small animals. Degree and exact localization of the changes can be assessed, so the attending veterinarian is able to choose an adequate therapy and adjust the treatment plan individually.

The AOI Center offers an independent Referral Service for Diagnostic Imaging. Our referral service is similar to the service of a radiology clinic in human medicine. This makes it possible for your veterinarian to get high quality imaging performed by a trained specialist. After the specialists of the AOI Center performed the imaging procedures, your familiar veterinarian will continue to take care of your animal.  The diagnostic options are discussed individually with the referring veterinarian. With your permission, the examinations are performed in the AOI Center by our medical radiology technician and our veterinarians specialized in diagnostic imaging. The interpretation of the images is also done by our specialized veterinarians. 
The digital images of the examinations and a report of the findings will be immediately transferred to the referring veterinarian, so she or he can discuss the further treatment with you.

At the moment RadiographyUltrasonographyComputed tomography and Magnetic resonance tomography.

Our services for you

Digital Radiography

  • Radiographs for official evaluation of hip/elbow dysplasia and osteochondrosis dissecans
  • Digital radiographs of all body parts


Ultrasonographic Examinations 

  • Inspection of abdomen (incl. pregnancy), thorax, tendons, joints, eye, thyroid gland etc.
  • Ultrasound-guided fine needle and tissue core biopsies

Computed tomography 

  • Scanning of all body parts in small animals
  • CT-myelography for the scanning of joints and spine 
  • Angiography for portosystemic shunts (incl. 3D reconstructions)
  • CT-guided fine needle and tissue core biopsies and injections

Radiologic Reports

  • Interpretation of conventional and digital radiographs and cross sectional imaging techniques

Magnetic resonance tomography

  • Examination of small animals


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