Chemical spaying bitch

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Contact a veterinarian

If you think the symptoms are right for your animal, we recommend that you contact a veterinarian for a consultation.

Chemical spaying of bitches signifies a reversible intervention in an extraordinarily sensitive hormone system and should be discussed in detail with the owner, including in view of the possible side effects.

For chemical spaying medication to be used, the duration and course of at least two heats must be observed and documented beforehand.

The times to intervene using progestogen injections or tablets are during anoestrus (the period of complete ovarian inactivity), shortly before the next expected heat to postpone this or else early in pro-oestrus (just before heat) to suppress heat as it is starting.

To confirm the timing, a gynaecological examination with vaginal swab must be performed.
If possible, it should not be used in breeding bitches because of the side effects and risks.

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