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In radiography, ionising radiation is used to evaluate the cause of a disease in human or veterinary medicine. The radiation is produced in an x-ray tube for a split second. The rays penetrate the body and expose a special film. After the process of development the radiographed body part is visible on the radiographic film.


In the AOI Center the radiographic images are processed and stored digitally, so the information is available immediately, at any time and without loss of quality. The image interpretation is performed on computer work stations equipped with medical-graded high-resolution monitors to provide ideal processing and visualization. Additionally, the radiographs and a viewing software are burned on CD, so the referring veterinarian and the patient's owner can easily look at the images.


At the AOI Center two separate rooms are available: one for horses and one for small animals. The room for horses is easily accessible through a large gate and the horse trailer can be positioned in front of this door. 


The procedure of taking radiographs is essentially the same in horses and small animals. However, horses are radiographed in standing position while smaller animals like dogs, cats, guinea pigs or birds are laid down on a special table.


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