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Early detection in puppies

We offer early screening for puppies at the age of 16 to 18 weeks. The risk of imminent hip dysplasia is assessed so that the hip can be improved with a less complex operation.

At puppy age it is not yet possible to diagnose hip dysplasia 100 % but the risk for hip dysplasia can be assessed well from X-rays. These X-rays assess how loosely the femoral head sits in the hip socket. The looser a hip is, the higher the likelihood that hip dysplasia will develop later. If the likelihood is high, premature closure of the growth plates of the pubic bone can be induced up to the age of 16 – 18 weeks, thereby achieving healthy development of the hip joints.

Examination procedure

  • We carry out a general examination to be sure that your puppy is healthy for the subsequent anaesthetic.
  • Your puppy is given an anaesthetic as this is the only way we can obtain a good X-ray for assessment, and examination under anaesthesia means less stress for the animal.
  • As soon as the anaesthetic has taken effect, the necessary X-rays are taken and assessed straightaway.
  • Your dog is then monitored by us until he has woken up safely from the anaesthetic.
  • If the development of HD appears likely based on the X-ray, we will discuss with you the possible operation methods.

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