Your vet visit in times of coronavirus

Together we can stop the spread!

At AniCura, we take our responsibility seriously during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic seriously. That is why we need your help:

Our animal patients are welcome with ONE of their owners. Please wait outside until we invite you into the practice premises. If possible, keep your distance from other pet owners and our staff.

We will not shake your hand in greeting. Viruses thrive on our hands, so please avoid touching your face.


Frequently asked questions about visiting the vet


What if I feel ill, have recently been in a high-risk area and/or am in quarantine, but my pet needs veterinary care?

Please stay at home and call your vet for advice on the next steps.


What if my pet has flu-like symptoms?

If your pet shows coughing, sneezing or lethargy, for example, please call your veterinarian and do not let the pet outside to prevent further spread. Symptoms of illness in dogs and cats are usually associated with various common viral and bacterial infections (kennel cough, dog flu, cat cold, etc.) that are not coronaviruses and are not transmissible to humans.


Which animals can be brought to the vet currently?

To avoid spreading the infection and having many people at the clinic at the same time, we recommend postponing all scheduled appointments due to for preventative treatments, such as vaccinations (does not apply to puppies/kittens), claw trimming, oral cavity status, sterilisation, neutering, etc.


What are the opening hours of the veterinary clinics?

Our veterinary clinics are open during normal office hours but with reduced staff and special hygiene measures depending on the region. Please note the current information of the individual clinics on their internet and Facebook pages. Please give notice by phone and understand that there may be waiting times in the lines and in front of the clinics due to security measures. Please keep at least one metre distance from the other pet owners, refrain from accompanying persons and understand that you can no longer be present at the examination of your pet in all clinics. In many clinics, visiting hours for inpatients are temporarily prohibited for safety reasons and you will be kept up to date by telephone.


What should I do if I need to buy food or medicines?

Our clinics are open and sell feed, feed supplements and medicines. Currently, food and medicines may be sold for a maximum of one month's supply.